To You With Love Pt.1

i saw you today.

it had been the first time in a long time that i felt my eyes throb from the pressure of the water building up.

all of a sudden i was brought back to how my heart had felt about you. the sinful and yet guilty pleasured reminder i look at from time to time.

you were wearing a pony tail. your short stature and stubby little hands that i love so much…

…that facial structure you have. since putting you away, i had lost thought in the strength of your jawline. the beauty in your smile lines, god how i melt…

but it wasnt you. her eyes were of similar color but they couldnt hold a candle to the eyes embedded in your skull. your strong rooted and luscious hair. the natural ability to draw in even the strongest of people….nah…it wasnt you i truly saw today, she happened to be a random cashier at a small cafe i went to.

plus, she was too nice. i dont remember you ever being that nice to me….

but i did see you today. life just used a different being…

all i could think of in every single flashback moment of our time together is how i felt any time i was with you…and it made me want to jump her bones…

it was in that moment that i realized how much i have missed you.




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