To You With Love Pt3

the issue of self image can be a treacherous thing

depending, of course.

what do you have to hide? from others or from yourself?

what is it that you are running from? who? them or you?

why do you care? what makes you not believe in yourself?

what influenced you to care?

god forbid someone good and great comes into your life and barges down the very single god damn door you have worked so god damned hard to keep locked up tight, for NO ONE, let alone yourself, to truly find out.

god-forbid they show you that god damn mirror you once re-covered,

you know, the image you had falsely shown to everyone else. the kind where you were loved, and accepted, and glorified…the kind where you wouldnt have to look at it and see the outkast, the rejection, the lack thereof that each and every single one of us innately obtain….

god-forbid that annoying, relentless, face had found you out.

god-forbid that you screwed them over.

god-forbid that you werent so nice.

god-forbid that you tore them apart anytime they came to close.

when will we ever learn?

we beg and ask and seek for love but yet show are teeth at the very touch of it…

self image can be a treacherous thing

but a beautiful thing once we learn how to step outside of the fear that seems to add up with every unauthentic move we make.



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