Would You Like My Heart Between Your Teeth?.

i believe brokenness is a beautiful thing;i believe it is a gateway to our better-ness.

i also believe that we were born and remain broken.

we are only human, we bleed, we break, we have this weakness;

therefore brokenness is a part of us, forever.

i also believe we have the power to let it consume us

OR learn to let it benefit our better-ness.

broken love is a wonderful thing, two broken people trying to heal 

and love one another; it is a sad and beautiful thing.

but i also believe that there is a difference between 

the brokenness in love and the brokenness in LOVE.

one is simply not good for us,

and makes us less of who we are and are meant to be.

while the other can truly help us to find light and strength within our broken.

the kind that can reflect back to you the beauty you truly posses 

in the broken that you have.

i believe that that kind of love, 

is the best possible broken love 

for us broken humans.

i find our brokenness to be a very 

intimate part of who we are.

i cant say anything else in this world

has ever been more beautiful than that.

– LH


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