Inexorably Anamored 

it is a dissapointing shame….

she felt so good to my soul, yet, she lied

she wasnt who she proclaimed herself to be.

instead, she sunk my ship to save her own.

while i sunk, and she watched, we both knew i saw past the image she dished out for the world to see.

god forbid a good and beautiful soul lived to tell the truth. lived to love her truth.

oh well. i guess. 

i found that at the bottom of the ocean there are different creatures who have convictions still alive and intact. 

but i believe….

she is still there, somewhere inside herself.

i saw her at her worste….and yet what if there was more to her worste than what she let slip when she was around me….

ive never believed in someone so much.

and ive never been so sideswiped by one.

…such a beautiful mess,

this force to be reckoned with…


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