Oil & Water

i must move, constantly.

it is a curse, really.

not being able to stay put,

be in one spot…

most love their nest, their comfort zones

yet i make it a point to stay away from mine.

we were always different people.

they say opposites attract

but they also say it takes two to make a thing go right….

it was messy and wrong but somewhere, it was beautiful and a one of a kind of different.

if i think of one person who could have you fully, it would be me.

if i think of one person who didnt deserve me, it would be you.

but if i think of giving my uconditional to anyone….it would be to no one, BUT, you…

mabye i scared you, but you scared me too.

you liked your comforts too much,

i gave no shits about mine.

i was to loud and you were too quite

we were both speaking, in our own way, but unwilling to let go of our stance…

but none has ever compared to you,

none had left such a mark on my heart as you had, it is suprisingly still bruised.

you were cruel and i was way too nice.

shallow, disconnected, and selfish were your cards.

against an apponent like yourself, i knew you wouldnt play fair; so i surrendered in the revealing of my cards.

i would hope there to be a purpose unveiled, i hate wasting my time;
still cant seem to find our purpose.

but i must move

and you must stay, i guess..

i need everything that scares me,

i need anything that makes me question “me” and life and…all of it, really…

i need the thrill of another soul running at me full speed ahead

someone who doesnt shame and fear my complex mind and passionate passions…

i need so much more, that even the needs unlisted just exhaust me….

so in essence, i need one who can keep up; regardless of exhaustion….

the universe knows i would give it all back and more if i discovered such a treasure.



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