Your House

the mice and the squirrels can fit through the cracks. the crows and vultures can fly to the chimney top’s opening. they can take and they can burrow a place of stay. i am much to short to reach any of its windows. the trees themselves are to far away from the house for me to climb up and into. i tried climbing the vines that blanket the house but all there is left to show for are threads of cloth and blood left from the damages of its thorns. i am far to big to fit anywhere but through a door…the one you have denied me access to.if i have tried everything in my power to enter, without breaking any piece of its abandoned-glory, how am i to know what is inside of this house? i will never be as small or flighty as the animals. and i cant just break in; something about the view outside speaks to me about the view inside. im stuck on the outside, guilty of looking in. guilty of needing, in. surely i must have greater value than the rodents?
– LH


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