there was always something about you

i could never put my finger on it.

it never mattered how crappy of a person you were to me…

the yellow in your eyes still turns my stomach inside out.

your smile lines, though it has been forever since i have seen you, they slay me…

something about you has always smitten me…i have never met such a captivating majestic being such as yourself…this chaotic queen with a marshmellow inside who disguises her gooey with a hard-ass-covered shell…..

if i was stuck for days in an elevator with any ONE person…i would choose you.

i miss your face

and my soul longs for something that you obtain…i dont know why…but “it” hasnt changed…

i would go back a thousand times to the drunken snowy night of you punching my chest and pushing me out of anger if that meant i got that part of you that was afraid to open up…

i would chase you down any street, any bar, any where you ran to just to be there when you stop running. for good.

you crazy daisy



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