The Queen & The Shmuck

i never quite understood what she meant back then when she pinned me up against the bathroom wall and told me that i scared the living shit out of her.

there were so many possibilities as to “why?”

but with each passing time, i think it narrows down to she was too comfortable with comfortable.

content with easy.

as long as her world was in her control

and not shaken by anything else but

that of love, the kind that drowns her 

with infatuation…then her world

felt like it was spinning in harmony 

with the grip she desperately clung onto,

god forbid something or someone stepped into her world and did more than just shake it…

i came, i saw, i was the earthquake to

her core.

havoc that she may have not been prepared for.

so she denied me of her innermost being

and now seems to be smitten by

the blanket of another.

just another soul to pacify 

her fear of being turned inside out.

whatever blows her hair backwards.

i cant say that i didnt try.

the universe as my god damn witness.


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