i have been smitten by you for the longest time, i guess since before i saw you pass me on the court

before you saw me across the room and asked who i was

before we even knew of each others existence…

i still claim to have seen you first. but i didnt know it was you, at the time.

i just saw only one on the field out of the rest of the bunch

from there, my eyes were locked.

and it never seemed to matter how not open you were with me

i still was locked on you

i feel as if i still am…

i remember the drunken night you ran away from the crowd

i ran right behind you

refusing to let you just run away, especially without me

you yelled “why are you still here, waiting on me?”

as you kept running, without letting me answer

we not only got stopped by the cop

but we stopped in the middle of a wet and snowy back road,

en route to your place, and you were yelling,

and hitting me, and pushing me….

and honestly, i knew why i would wait for you

why i seem crazy to you

why we but-heads

and since then, it seems as if im still waiting.. 


you are being loved by another,

you’ve always seemed to be loved by another

but i still wait for my time

my time with you

ive always waited


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