i could write.i could communicate.                                       i could share a piece of my world.

but its like…i am only one individual, in a place where i have no one but myself to lean on. 

no one but myself to encourage. 

no one but myself to pick back up and press on.

im tired.

im happy but im disgruntled about almost everything.

im moving forward constantly and all the positives seem to slip through my fingers.

there is no sense of relief on the outside from what is inside, not even from myself….

right when i could see someone being a key to that door that ive been looking for, they are gone and i am left in the middle of a desert land, alone, again. staring at the burning sky, begging it to blister my face just to feel something other than the stresses weighing on my heart strings. 

we are not mind readers.

we need touch and verbal communication.

if i give openness, i need openness back.

without such a haven, there will always be a strike one and done and you are out.

but i need you, i realize that. 

so, please dont push your need for me too aside because of your own stresses, fears, and doubts. 

please need me back. 

i am not begging. i am asking, only once.

you have been the most natural connection in my life, in such a short and random time.

there is no such thing as being ready…..there is no such thing as a right time….there is only such a thing IF you make yourself ready now, if your right time is now….that is when you become ready. that is when the timing is right. that would be the only exception.

please dont take you away from me

i dont think i could bare it


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