Leave Me Where You Found Me

once upon a time there stood a broken house tucked away in the back woods called “in the middle” and the only road that led to her was called “no where”. She was once a young, vibrant, house that flourished to the sound of her own drum. her shutters colorful, her porch and windows as inviting as ever. the birds chirping and the sounds of the leaves dancing as the wind blew in to set their stems a flame. a few promising takers came by and stepped foot inside, and for a brief moment, she could taste the feel of completion from each. but something was tragic…they never traveled the road that lead to her no where, they always came from some other uncharted ground. So, time went on. the seasons changed. from hot to cold, year after year, months after months. still, no one stayed long enough to travel the road she was birthed upon. every so often, like thieves in the night, hooligans came by for reckless parties and vandalizing destruction to her beautiful parts. At first, the crackling of branches once was a hopeful sign for a consistent security, now, has turned into defeat. with each window shot at, messed up floors, stair railing broken in the middle remained in limbo, a home to no other. a site for passerby’s. and shelter for her little animals. what was once a house of energy and innocence, eventually, became hollow. hard. and lifeless. her shutters creaking. gutters hanging on their last bolt. her roof seeping wet and collecting mold…the wind still blew in between the leaves, setting their stems a flame…wishing for once her beauty came undone to someone who dared travel her no where.


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