The Superman to Your Lois Lane 

if i could fly…i would take you into my arms, and fly you straight up into the sky,
preferably at night,                                                          i would want to set the tone for all of your senses to be actively engaged,

raging really,

paralyzed by the copious amount of stars burning in the galaxy, surrounding you.

i want to lay you down in their blanket

so immersed,

nothing of you left untouched.   

i dream, and i do, and i dream again.

could that be possible?

to awaken someone, the way they have awoken me,

the key to my hollow and empty heart?..

i desire such a love as vast as the stars in the sky

to give love as majestic as their all consuming power

a thing unexplainable that the only    word that comes to mind is “that thing”

as simple, and complex, as that may be…

to give and receive love as profound as the stars in the galaxy is the greatest high not many dare to withstand or dare to believe…

i can only hope that one day,                                i can fly and take you there

– LH


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