My Bull

you know what…

i knew what i was getting myself into when i got myself into this relationship with you.

i knew that i would probably like you

i knew that my feelings were going to hurt more than they prolly should

i knew that i was fucked up and this wouldnt be easy

i knew that you werent going to be easy

i also knew, within a week of getting to know you, that you were going to be hard, inside and out

but what i did not know was how natural “us” is or was or, hopfully, continues to be

i also do not know what even the sweetest of friendship with you could bring, down the road

but i do know that i love you

i have felt love for you in such a short amount of time and at the same time, for so long…

i do know that i, or anyone for that matter, does not have “to know” someone to feel a profoundly genuine love for another. in the same token, that kind of knowing doesnt happen all the time…which is why i know that my heart’s beat for you is true.

i know you desreve a love like mine, or even greater than mine.

i dont know if you know that…

i know that i know, but know that i dont know, and yet dont know that i do know, and possibly dont know nothing at all…so therefore this knowing rubbish is just a knowing risk in ones gut and if you dare to believe your gut then watch the universe do its magic and blow your mind with a kind of knowing, unexpected.

hopfully this time loyalty does not go unrequited for to long…



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