Fuck It

everyone thinks im “so cool”

and that i am someone to “look up to”

and im telling you to run away from that.

as far as you can.

because life never fails to show me how fucking insane i really am.

so while any of you still have the chance.


im not that person you think that i am.

unfortunatly i cant run, so middle fingers in the air for me. thats how ive been able to sustain.

its my thoughts that rape

its my thoughts that soothe

its my thoughts that put me in a coma

its my thoughts that seduce

its my thoughts that murder

and if they murder any of you in the process….i cant say i didnt warn you.

no one stays long enough to get me off.

i get off with my thoughts, they seem to be the only one who has succeded. 


i am not someones guide to a better life.

im only just another pon in the world of life to where the blind lead the blind.

the broken try to love another broken.

the fucked up try to comfort the fucked up.

my appearance is better looking than the crazy ive tried to warn you from.

so run.

and run far from me.

whatever you do, do not look back.

its the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

a severed lion is nothing but a rogue lion

fucked up lions are no different than any other animal with rabies.

i dont have a crown…

i lost it during my existance 



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