Excuse Me

At the very moment of sorrow, your core seems to sink in, your heart cant stop pounding inside its cage, you then go blind from the water that builds up in your eyes before forming their tear…who knows if you made the right decision for yourself or not. it wont feel like it when the ball in your throat constricts your airflow.

mabye, as time passes, so doesnt the fog.

 but just remind yourself that it is normal, to question your decision for what you may think is best.

it is normal to miss what you had to let go of.

it is human.

it is human to feel your heart seperate from their seems.

it is human to want to take it all back,

to start all over from the begginning,

and wish you did something different…

something different to where 

you both could have stayed and been what each other needed,

for the present time….

but it didnt go that way…

where i was about to let her nestle herslef inside my heart,

i turned and walked away,

for knowing i would find the knook in her heart already preoccupied by someone other than me.

but i fucked up.

i was the one to catch feelings.

what timing?!

 i just wish i could have been what it was that she needed from a friend, 

but i was to far gone in the visions of her mouth, the feel of her skin, and the desire for her heart…



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