Beautiful As The Sunset, You Are To Me

i write…

and will continue to write..

i write for my heart

i write for my health

i write for her

or mabye it is for him?

but i write to you

i write in hope that they leave paper trails,

trails for you to follow,

snatch each one up,

find my scent,

track me down,

and if this love is true,

i will find you

and you will find me,


at the same bridge,


i believe i will reach you, my dear

and i believe you will be at the other end.

all i know to do is to continue

with leaving the pieces of my heart for you to see,

they will be your favorite aurora

and you will be my most treasured diamond in the rough, only for a true seeker to have sought and found.

you were always worth it.

through the mess,

through the fog,

the bad timing,

the wrong directions,

it was you from the beginning.

i could feel you then,

and i havent been able to stop now.

follow me,

i will follow you,

your hand in mine is the greatest peace i hope to share with this lonely heart of mine…

i am ready when you are, love



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