There Is Always Good and Bad, Choose Carefully

i guess it is true what they say about how people really dont change.i unfortunately do not believe that whole heartedly BUT anyone with a mind that can break down patterns, behaviors, and signs, knows that some people really do remain a slave to their sorrows, to what they have been resisting, and to what they know they shouldn’t be touching, the list can go on.

in the end, if someone was shady to you before, chances are, they still havent changed their shady spots. 

it takes WORK, dedication, and a vulnerable sense of conviction, to change the patterns and behaviors of what once was.

fool me once, shame on you.

fool me twice, shame on me.

continue fooling everyone around you…you arent fooling anyone, not even yourself.

some people have a knack for weaseling themselves back to you, and if they can get back to you, chances are, they have weaseled their way back into their other others as well, there are signs if you pay attention to them. 

its a funny world we are living in.

its amazing to see how many people are broken.

and it is astonishing to watch how they deal and cope with their brokenness.

and it is mind blowing to watch someone literally stare you in the eye and lie to your face or not give you the respect you deserve when it comes to telling you the truth.  

i sometimes wonder if people even pay attention to karma…
if people even know what they are getting themselves into…

like….what if you were to end up alone for the rest of your life because of how you treated the people in your lives or because of how mentally, emotionally, and physically, unfaithful you really were with the very person you call your lover….


i could go on about this but i dont care too. i myself am not perfect but anyone who remitely knows me knows that i master this very thing that i am saying, consiously, consistantly, and wholeheartedly.

 im so over the lack of conviction within people’s hearts. if anything in this world was disgusting to me, it would be the lack of conviction, the ability to just ignore and resist the honest conviction GIFTED to us by the very spirit within our souls. 

you have matured WHEN you choose to live with yourself and not against yourself. 
life becomes real and genuine again when the heart remembers how to give and receive with the good from the spirit and not the bad of the evil that can come from the lack of control that exists in the darkest corner of our desires OR from the pride we so tightly grasp onto.


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