Magic Times

it was serendipitous really, like a moment from the movies in slow motion.

i had no clue.

i was walking beside a friend, preparing for a workout.

in the parking lot i felt inclined to look over my shoulder,

out you walked, this woman with long, magic hair.

purple and black meshed athletic long sleeve.

and leggings…i wont even mention the shoes.

the sun ever complimenting what was gifted to you from the heavens,

or was it you who complimented the rays of the sun?

either way, my world paused in that split moment. 

that was the beginning.

my first semester.

it still remains burned into the eyes of my skull.

how could i forget!

that was the very same moment and time where we almost ran through each other, unexpectadly, going into the same door.

i couldn’t breathe,

the ball in my throat constricted the air flow when you were that close to me, in passing.



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