What Do You Want…Do You Even Know?!

Do you even know why you are with the one you are with?

is your “why” strong enough to last a lifetime?

or are you in it for the shorterm, someone to help subside your issues until something else catches your eye or until you are steong enough to not want or need them anymore??

is this person someone that connects with you on all levels? or are they just helping you take your mind off of your lonliness and the baggage you try and hide??

like seriously, pay attention to your “why”. it cant just be because you have feelings for them, of course feelings and attraction will be present, that is a bonus. those are not enough of a FOUNDATION to live upon…..

to many of us are way to willing to go with the flow of something superficial, something or someone to soften the aches and pains that we go through as a single individual carrying the shit that we carry.

there are reasons why others end up coming into our lives, as an awakening, as a challenge, as something to look into, as a warning sign, as something to learn and grow from….

if you find your eyes and mannerisms drawing to another, then “why”?? you fucking stay with the one you are with or you give them the respect and decency of a truth you ended up stumbling upon while your eyes werent completely set on them.



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