Love, In All Of Its Forms

people seem to say a lot that “i will always love him/her, that will never change”

of course this reffering to breakups, moving on, or the typical back and forth before or after finalizing the end result.

ive been there too.

but to be honest…i cant say that i love any of them, at least not in the way that i once did.

sometimes i wonder if people pay attention to how they phrase that, or what it means to actually say that…

its a no brainer that we will love them.

but we dont think to rememebr to realize that the love will be different.

and that is ok.

it has to be different. or nothing will ever change for either of you, which is the change you ended up breaking it off for.

i dont love my past others the way that i once did at the time that i was willingly loving them.

but, i would bend over backwards if it meant to lend a hand.

and that is an act of love we all should be practicing on anyone. we all deserve such an act of love, regardless of what once was.



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