None Compares

I love the metephoric picture the sun and the moon have to us humans about love, it is poetry in an of itself.

they never had to speak a word about their love.

they never had to flaunt their love.

they never needed to lower themsevelves on such a weak level to get their love across.

they just knew.

and it was between them to know the before and the afters and the in betweens.

because everyone knew of their love before, during, and after their eclipse, without a word needed.

their own individual power they individually carried shined so far from themselves that it literally could reach one another….and everyone saw that…

there were no need for pictures, journals, diaries, or boasting….

for their own individual purpose spoke on their behalf, and some how, during some magical and mysterious timing, they met, and their eclipse was orgasmic for all to see and feel.

it was a relationship worth fighting for,

a love worth waiting for.

a moment that couldnt be missed, no matter how far or long away from each other that they were at times, no matter how many stars and clouds and satellites came to take up all their attention..they always knew they would live happily ever after, over and over and over again.

Nothing could take that away.

They were the immovable force.



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