The Mate To My Soul

I cant wait to meet you again.

yes, i say again.

i know i have met you before, my soul speaks to me about you with each day that has passed by. 

with everyday, you become a stronger impression layed upon my heart.

wherever you are, whomever you are with, who ever you may be…just remember me too. 

look back as far as the retinas that help make up your sight. go as far back as the dreams in your head. travel the aches of your heart you have yet to experience but re-live over and over again in the realm of your dreamer vision that exists when the world around you becomes still in the dead of night…i dont promise often at all, but, i promise i have been there this whole time.

i will leave you paper trails of my heart for you for as long as it takes.

 ill be waiting at our bridge. i know you will be there soon, i can feel you. i have felt you. 

for you i write.

for you i ache.

for you, i have become better.

for you, i will be, all that you didnt think to have dreamed…

“In the dead of night I’ll meet you in my sleep

And in the morning light you’ll wake up next to me

Like a dream come true I’ll take you where I roam

Then follow you back home”

…hurry home to me soon, love.

my days grow longer.

they dim darker.

and the older i get, the more i realize i need more than myself to thrive in this world, a wisdom i have been coming closer too.

the very wisdom that knew about soulmates before hitting the knowledge of man. something only the universe could craftly design, to shock souls like you and me when that time comes, again… 



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