Dont Stop Now!

I know you are growing.

I know you are improving yourself.

I know the deamons have burried a home inside of you.

I know that it took a LOT to get to where you are now.

I know that with each step taken to shed light in the hole where they hid, you trip and slip, but you try….i know this.

but look…

you cant stop there. you cant stop here.

you must keep going.

get up off that rock you have been taking a breather on and keep going.

just because you cracked the door open on them doesnt mean you have won. it doesnt mean that you “dealt” with it…all it means is that you opened it….so let us go through it.

i will come with you if you’d like. i know i could come in use. 

just keep going.

you arent there yet.

but you will be!

there is still so much work to be done there!

you are a warrior. a conqueror. and fighter. a goddamn beast…

get them out, all of them. dont you dare let even the tiniest of their offspring remain.

 its time to be free. 

its time to shine.

its time to use your gifts to its complete fullest for the help and benefit of others.

i love you.

i always will.

you arent alone, ive had to do it to.

and trust me, you’ll get to see what the top of that mountain looks like.

just get off that rock and get moving!!



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