My Foundation Has Your Name Written In It, My Love

I am building you a home, my dear.

something big and spacious, just enough room for you to breathe. 

but not to big, small enough to wrap you up in a cozy place of serenity.

where the windows let in all of the sun and the moon’s light. transparent, to where even the stars reflect on the backs of the walls, as if to project to you, nightly, the wonders in their existence. how magnificent, to have a home that can do that. be that. just for you!…all for you.

a place where peace is found. the searching doesnt have to be no more. the checklist never amounted to anything. a home, that reminded you of your very essence, a flashback that brings you back in time to your most treasured nostalgia…a home that mirrors the best of you, even in the darks of your places…

i can build you that home.

i am working on it.

on me.

mabye in time, when your exploration of the next big and new thing is through, the stars would have aligned and brought you to my most prized piece of property.

a place not meant for just anyone…

but a place that has been waiting for you, for quite some time.

while you are out, there are still to be done a few finishing touches, but it is ready for you when you are.

the view here is magnificent, i cant wait for you to come see what i have done!



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