Brown Eyes & Smile Lines

i cant say that it was love at first sight.

all i know is that when i saw her, i felt a pull in the belly of my spirit. and instantaniously the question arose of “where did she come from and from what roads has she traveled?”.

later on someone showed me a picture of some girl and i was in dissbalief, it didnt resemble the girl i had once seen. appearances and authenticity become different when we are in places that help make us our most selves, and running on fields of grass was her release…

time went on and i never understood how someone that i didnt even know let alone meet could pass me in the halls or the same proximity and make the hairs on my skin stand straight up or as if the air in my lungs were no more…

finally we met.

bursting through the kitchen door, the fucking mess that she was…and it was like the effects we see in a movie scene where the background zooms out and becomes a blurr and the object is zoomed in, front and center, in your face. 

trying to contain the schizophrenic beating of my heart, my vision became impaired and fixated…

i dropped the popcorn i was eating, all over the floor….*idiot!*•••

that very night, as far away as i was from her during sleep…i tried touching the skin of her hand…ironically enough, in return, her fingers searching for mine…

i cant say it was love at first sight.

but the pull of our hands toward one another was confirmation of the pull i had felt in the belly of my spirit. they speak to me to this day of the magnetic force that seems to remain…*its annoying*



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