Broken Record

you say you have been trusting your gut. i question your gut.

i have questioned your gut from the beginning, its main reaction was always impulsive.

mabye you should try testing your gut more often, make it “work”. when will you start trusting your gut with me??

if i look back, what i see is the gravitation of our guts, even amongst the worst of terrain we have been through. thats how i know you couldnt make me an impulsive choice, i tested you. and you tested me, back.

for so long i wish your gut would have let me be, i wish mine didnt listen to me after i had tested against it.

i am used to being crazy by now,

but correct me if im wrong,

your gut was always leading you to me.

i cant deny the road map of mine, to you.

im just waiting for you to get here.

*i wont settle for anything less than your whole world.



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