You Have Something I Need…I Want To Give You My Best

there are two sides to every story. both could very well be right.

but mine was more wrong

than it was ever right.

amongst all my insecurities.

amongst all that was engraved into me during my youth.

i never did deserve you.

someone like you shouldnt

be around someone with baggage like mine.

which is why i remain alone.

showing what is in these bags

means showing what keeps me alive…

and you scared me.

your hands were sharp like that of a knife. 

and if i am going to be touched by someone like you

i have to know that you wont kill me

like all the others did.

my perception was twisted long ago

and i dont expect you to stay with me for that.

but i notice your abscence each and everyday and i hate myself for creating that.



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