I Would Still Give You Honesty

If you did lie to me

and if i did call you out on your shit…

would you continue to hold your ground and tell me that i can believe whatever it is i want to believe, even though, there could be something you are not telling me??

how crazy am i, really?

and how good of a liar could you be, if you are refraining from being straight forward?

i just need to be reassured of a truth you are telling me to my face.

that is all. 

take the time to actually listen to the questions i ask. where it is they are coming from and in what tone that they are in….why not answer with some patience and compassion to what has scarred me from my past.

i cant afford to have people in my life who cant respect me enough to honor me with the truth, straight forwardness, honesty…ive been tortured for way to long. im tired of the disbelief i have with people and their inconsistencies with themselves. 

i need to know what is real and what is not real.

you can help me with that.

we could help each other with that.



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