Let Us Fix This, Please

you could…

you could easily follow through with your own hurt and anger and move on.

you could claim this as drama verses an opportunity to grow with another.

you could remain hurt and keep me forever at an eye’s distance.

you could be stubborn like the latina bull you are…

you could…

and i dont blame you. i am working on accepting that i probably helped fuck it up for good.

but it does take two to get to where we arent now.

it does take a lot for someone who was wrong, to see that, before it ever was pointed out.

it takes a lot for that kind of pride to “come back” and ask to be helped. to be made right again in your heart. to prove a true connection, like she knows she could…

it takes a lot to demand your time, though that may be bruised. to be outside of my own twisted web…and see what i equally took part in.

on that night, where you willingly let me see a part of you that you wanted to keep away from me, as much as you let yourself need me that night, is as much, if not more, as i need you. period.

i need to fix this. 

we need to fix this.

i cant bear another month away.

i cant bear you leaving me to remain in the dog house.

you could and you have every reason too.

but i am not the only one at fault and yet i know that i could have been a better friend to you on that night. in that dumb fucking letter of expression….

i need you to not strike me out.

i need to show you who i am.

i need to show you who and what i could be for you. 

knowing that you deserved a better friend that night. knowing you deserved a better friend than the one in the impulsive letter.

can i please come out of the dog house now? and can you please stop what you are rightfully able to do and just, let this come back and mend.

i know we can both be better with this first and hopfully last chance. 

i can prove it.

i could.



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