You Revealed In Me My Hurts…Come Back!

I am not the only one wrong in this.

there is right and there is wrong from both of us.

i should have never spoken to you like that,

you deserved so much more, than my fucked up words.

ill be the first to ask for your grace and mercy,

if you find any to spare for the girl you once wanted to know.

i accept my wrong and hope to fix it.

but i cant accept the fault to lay solely on me, 

for the truth of this distance was not just my doing…

i hope to make ammends.

i hope you come back as i did.

i hope you drop your pride and your stubborn.

i hope that you dont run away from this hurt but run towards it, to heal it.

i hope one day i can hear your heart.

i pray i can hear your voice, next to me.

i was wrong, first and foremost.

i dont expect you to understand my words in that letter,

they go beyond words…to understand is to go inside a dark cave

that, with you, i could never keep shut…

you brought out in me hurts i tried to close off…

and i hurt you with them…

i know of this, but you dont…

i hope you come to know this…

i hope we can atone for us both…



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