Unconditional Love

If you know that people are different.

If you know that it takes a while to knead out the wrinkles of two people who keep bumping heads.

If both werent clear with words and both were the culprit of protecting themselves.

Yet both have hurt one another, equally…

You would think both would come to an apologetic compromise, no?

If you cared about someone, and the other cared about you, wouldnt you want to understand their side, even if it hurt you beforehand?

People come and people go…but it is not everyday that within the mix of the comer’s and goer’s, someone comes back. 

Not everyone is out to get you.

Not everyone is here to hurt you.

Not everyone deserves your time and energy.

But it is a no brainer when one single soul comes out from the cave they ran into, to reach out and hope to mend what they may or may not have understood.

People are different, that is for sure.

You are entiteled to think what you may.

Our hurts run from one end of the scale to the other.

Meshing two people together is a task greater than most other tasks in this world.

It takes two, hurt, and bruised hearts to take two wrongs and make it into a right.

It takes putting your perpsective, your hurt, your regreted vulnerability, your rage, aside in order to see the miscommunication through, to see what had hurt you, through. 

Sometimes all it takes is that one person that was once worth your time and energy to come back and say sorry.

Sometimes it takes the one who got hurt to welcome you back with open arms and try again.

Sometimes it takes bravery to believe that the purpose they once served in your life still exists, and with time, you both may come to know how to fix it.

Sometimes all it takes is a chance.

The kind of chance you would never offer up to any other situation that treated you wrongly…

I will never beg anyone to keep me in their life.

I will never waste my time with another who clearly is done with trying.

I am ok with how wrong i am most times.

I am ok with how right i am most other times.

I accept that people are entitled to their grudges. 

I accept that sometimes the other party doesnt see the wrong on their side and it is easier for them to see the fault solely in the one who hurt them.

I just know its not everyday that certain people come into your life and make your days a bit brighter than before.

Its not everyday that certain people provide you with a different perspective.  That they bring out the best and yet worst in you, whether they are aware or not. 

I know that some people suck.

I know that i suck, sometimes.

and i know that sometimes it takes getting hurt to realize whether that person is worth the second chance or not.

and sometimes, i just need redemption.

We just need that chance.




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