Say Something

I refuse to live my life by “fake it till you make it”

i just cant.

i used to be a pro at it, when i didnt like myself or the life i was in…

but im not that angry person anymore, and i can only fake so much before i feel like i am back in my past, living that lie i told myself all those years “im fine. i got this”…..


i have come this far and have learned to embrace anything that comes at me. to let go of what doesnt want to stay. and to accept the differences in this world versus my own.

i live freely that way. i am trapped and held captive by the other way…i cant go back there, again.

i am right.

i am wrong.

i am confused.

and im a ball of everything under the sun and hidden in the dark…

i am ok with that…

i just need that someone who can teach me to be better…teach me to walk with another… i cant learn that all by myself…

but they can best believe that i wont fake it. none of it. even if that makes me go ape-shit for s plit second…

at least i can say that i feel, and that i feel deeply…and that i let it breathe in and out from within me….that is freedom…

there is freedom in the pain, we just cant run away from it…we must run towards it.



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