most people would rather

hide away and remain prideful, scared, and stubborn about

their wrongs and convictions rather than

be considerate and just give the other person straight forwardness, no matter how hard and uncomfortable that might be…

she probably did lie to me, even if it was just a partial lie….it would still be a lie. she did say that if she would cheat, i wouldnt know it…what makes that any different when it comes to lies and partial truths…

im still the one being fooled…

she probably was telling me the whole truth…but i dont have time for smooth talkers and my heart and kidness to be taken advantage of…so ill tear the truth apart just to make sure it was the truth…

i have been fucked up way to many times before so i have a hard time of believing what is real and not real…

i just need compassion, patience, unconditional love, reassurance and straightforwardness… 

someone who can handle my “extra”

i wish some one person knew how to handle me, or should i say who dares handle me…i get tired of being the only one able to handle everyone else.



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