Looking For The Real Deal To Trust

infatuation might be cute and all


it does not keep me.

you want to know how to keep me…

your house has to be strong enough for me.

a house build on or around infatuation,

will keep me far, far, far, away from your grounds.

you want to live free? let your love be the one to breathe freely and flippantly for the only one you are with, even after infatuation has fled permanently, because it will, it’s within its own definition and nature.

you want to really love and be loved? learn that love remains loyal and true outside of social media, technology, and any other hidden darks we would create due to the childish elements of infatuation and lust we choose to tamper with…

learn that not everything lasts due to what we see and what had once caught our attention…because love will even love the ugly…better than you will ever have loved or ever received love…more than once, YOU, were ugly… 

love stays.

love only see’s the one they are with.

love is stronger than both the children of self flattery and narcissism.

love goes beyond boring and remains the foundation of what lasts.

you want me?

you cant have your cake and play with me, too.

ill only just smile and walk on.

you have to love me the same, if not greater, than how i had loved you when you were at your ugliest, when you were at your worst, when you didnt deserve. ME.

that is how you will keep me.

it doesnt take much energy to give a love with infatuation involved.

but it is extremely taxing on my energy, when deep, authentic, and true love is what i have given your ugly and your beautiful. 

that. is love.




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