The Forrest For The Trees

i am a forrest for the trees kind of person.

i dont know how

nor do i know why

but i am.

i know what it is like to be the outcast

to be unloved

to be alone

to have nothing

and the list can go on.

i never used to see my forrest as beautiful,

there was a long time where i didnt believe i had a forrest,

which at that time, i was right, i didnt.

it took a long time for me to build my trees…

some trees and beautiful things came from others,

but most were from me…

sometimes i get down when my forrest is passed up,

but the roots within my grounds encourage me

that the right ones havent seen the kind of glory within these woods.

hearing them tell my spirit that makes me happy for those

who will.

they will have full access,

because there eyes were once where mine used to be,

yet now they see with something beyond their own sight.

it really is a spiritual thing…

thats how deep we all want to be moved, really.

ill give them what they are searching for when they see the life within my soil, the seeds i never knew i had.

ill let my wisdom be something that reminds them of what they already possessed…

beauty within their limbs.



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