There Is Rage In The Ache

you really dont get it…i wish you did…

you will never be able to comprehend

the endless amount of love

that has been built for you,

i swear it wasnt my doing,

for if it were, i would have listened to my logic, long ago.

if only you could

if only you knew

how to love, how to love me,

with the kind of love

i have for you…

i would stay, if someone ever dared

to love me with the kind of love

that burns within me, for you…

but i dont expect anyone to get it

i guess i dont expect much these days.

the world wants what is in the now,

they want to be swooned off their feet 

for the short term kicks,

the infatuation,

the highs that get them by,

that pass the time,

that they enjoy….

all for the moments that 

only last but like the seconds 

of a breath, short.

but im looking for fire

that doesn’t burn out,

i have seen it live in my dreams,

and i swore an oath to 

the future of my line

that i would fight to find

such a flame,

such a flame that doesnt only 

just reside within me,

to share with that of a similar blaze…

for the record,
you had me at “i love you, i really do”

when you were ugly,

when you didnt love.

when you hustled for your worth,

even though you were empty,

you had me at “i love you”

i knew your statement held

a kind of truth that still remains

amongst the lies you once spewed.

you knew what was real,

i know you saw that…

you saw what was tangible in me.

i wish you did

if only you could
if only you knew

what it means,

what it takes, to get it…

if only it could all just 




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