The Art Of Letting Go/Ironic

I hate when someone asks me 

“what is your type?”

because outside of you,

i dont know that answer.

i just know that my type

will happen when i see it,

and so far,

you have been my best type.

“the force to be reckoned with”

who the fuck could wear your 

shoes any better?!

but hey,

life goes on,

i have moved on.

you were dumb,

i still think so.

but sometimes there is dumbness

in the universe and how it works,

so its not completely your dumb.

mostly there is dumnness in my mind and how that works…

but, i have me and i have a dream.

the universe hasnt led me

astray just yet.

time and patience was always

in the cards for me to learn.

for someone who has a hard time

remaining in one place for a 

long period of time,

i guess that’s a good thing

for me to have engraved 

on my skull.

and seared on my heart.



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