A Love As Real As They Come

everything is manufactured nowadays,

artificial and fabricated,

or so it seems.

but she.

she was handcrafted.

a hybrid of

natural rarity and pure magic,

gifted to her by what is divine.

you can’t find her on the shelves.

you wont see her through the windows.

her value more than the greed 

that money can buy.

her worth more than that of 

just window shopping.

her beauty revealing  far beyond 

the number of “likes” and “followers”.

a purpose, a soul, that

not just anyone can see,

not just so easy to feel and understand.

A type of rare architectural 

structure that has heavily 

consumed my vision.

blinding me with rapturous,


and yet lost,



to me, she feels like

one of those times where

you walk into a place

looking for something,

but you dont know what 

it actually is that you are looking for…

and it could be days or months

or flashbacks,

or that damn smile,

that when you see…

that thing that you dont know

that you were looking for,

but when you see it…

you know…

that is when you know you

found something

real, hand-carved, 

for a sucker like you.

The day a sucker can describe 

a love, such as this.

that, is when you

dont have to convince 

yourself that what you saw,

and how you felt,

wasnt a dream. 

but your awakening. 



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