Im Sorry, Do I Know You?

you are to quick to flatter yourself,

thinking i cant take the sight of you,

silly little thing….you were never my kryptonite.

 you may have your looks.

you may have your charm.

you may have all those lined up at your door.

you may be happy and think you have what you have been searching for.

but you have never had me.

you have never had my heart.

you could never gain my trust.

you still lack convincing me otherwise…

i will never be jealous.

jealous of you?….why??…. 

jealous of who you are with or what you have?…are you kidding me? continue on parading all that you have for the world to see, im un attracted to the charade.

im way to far ahead of you to stoop down to anyone’s level where i have to look back to find, have fun watching me from a distance.

i am far to involved and grounded in me to give a shit about what “doses” of yourself you may think you dish out, are you not aware that i am simply unimpressed? im sorry, do i know you??

i guess thats how it will always be.

people just dont change.

you like the attention.

we both always have.

but i have dubbed my attention to be a stranger of you.

you know…you were always horrible fingering for my input, obviously getting your own selfish gains to fill yourself up.

you bore me. 

and i finally feel free… 

enjoy finding what it is you are looking for, you wont find it here anymore.



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