Stubborn Bull I Once Knew Of

you were always so beautiful to me. 

it took me half of a year to just muster

up a single ounce of confidence to

leave you with a piece of my information,

pathetic right? 

leaving my name on

a cup…

some kind of confidence…

i wasnt the only one who was wrong.

i wish you didnt put such a weight on

my shoulders, you were very much at fault as i.

you said people are different…mabye you should follow your own advise, for once, and see more than just your reasonings and defenses.

sometimes it is ok to cry.

sometimes it is ok to let it hurt.

sometimes, it is ok to give out 2nd chances.

sometimes it is ok to receive. 

the stars know that i would give 

you one without question.

i hope you find your freedom.

i hope you face the fears you 

do your best to run away from.

you know exactly what it takes

for you to be free…you were always

a smart and brave woman…

i hope you learn to accept that.

ps: i still love you

most times i go back to our coffee shop and find you grabbing onto my pant loop to prevent me from buying you another drink, you literally let me drag you across the bench… 💋



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