My Favorite Sound

oh jeeze,

to describe her…well…

she is hella smart like Alanis,

a sexy bad ass, slay you with one look or touch, “do not mess” with like Avril,

she’s got the kind of gooey mush like Vance Joy,

with a playful hint of blink 182.

and a splash of soothing quiet like the song Ocean by The John Butler Trio.

when we connect,

there is something that doesnt go unnoticed, a passion of the soul, that is undeniable,

even when left unspoken.

but ive never been her favorite radio station or song, she never stays longer than the chorus. Everyone else seems to play better music to her liking.

i guess thats why the classics remain in the past and “the now” gets rich fast without realizing a violent turnover for the next big thing.    

when did we become suckers for the materialistic new and shiny luxuries of life?.



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