The Gypsy    

i long to stay…a place to truly call home,

a place that is more than just “me”….

i wish i had order.

i wish i was more consistent.

i never wanted a life of leaving home.

i dont like that my life seems to be uprooted 

anywhere but one spot for only so long.

i wish there was a reason to say…

i wish someone, something, gave me a reason to stay…

i guess im not telling the whole truth.

i guess there was one who could have 

been a reason for me to…

but that one always deserved better anyways.

who knows when it will be 

that i could ever provide for more than just me,

i could never ask anyone to have such

faith in me, to wait…

to stay.

im a fool.

im a wanderer.

im a warrior.

im a seeker.

im torn.

im free.

and still, im without you…

but i have me

and that will just have to do.



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