I Dare You

i wait for a love that awakens 

that of any, which i may

have forgotten.

a love that doesnt see how i have 

forgotten, but that mabye,

i have gone too long without

such a connection that can 

only bring me back to that point of remembrance.

warriors even grow tired.

the only one fit to match a warrior,

is but that of another. 

i wait for a love that can handle being

my mirror, cause this game of life is

nothing special without the challenges,

and how i long to be stimulated in every way. 

tell me when i am wrong,

love me harder when i am so wrong,

celebrate me with dance for the

times that i conquer,

and uplift me when i am beyond weak

with my strength alone.

and kiss me, ever so softly, for

the moments in which i shine,

drown me with your love-touch

through the dark times.

i require so much…

but i give my all.

help me fill me up.

i wait for a love that doesnt settle for

“i dont deserve you”

but a love that DARES to try.

together, is a growing process 

and it is never easy.

i am not easy.

i never did like easy.



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