you know those people that 

come and go as they please,

manipulate and play with

your mind and heart,

pretend like they are innocent when

we all know they arent,

they want nothing from you

but to torment your life,

because they have nothing substantial 

within themselves to thrive off of

but your own beautiful soul that

seems to continue on being nice to them?

dont you find it funny how they’ll be

in a relationship with someone else,

yet still make their way to you,

one way or another????

psycho, right?!

doesnt it feel good to 

give them your backside

as you walk off into your own horizon 

with your middle fingers raised in the air,

as a flag, for those kind of people to see?

just like i have found my strength, 

i hope you find yours. they were not

a good example for how you deserve to

be treated but a prime replication of

empty and fearful individuals who take

for granted the beauty that is around

them and could have been with/in them.

please remember that.




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