Positive Vibes Of A Self Acclaimed Minimalist 

Only 1,284 miles you are, from me.

only ever was it a 242 mile drive away 

when you asked me how long i would be 

till it was my time to go.

only ever was it a sincere display of action

to follow through on the address you

carelessly asked for.

all of which i have noted in the list of 

crap stacked against you, all, you have let 


yet all it would have taken was you 

making it happen, each and every time, 

instead of manipulating and fucking

up every innocent thing taken place 

between us.

i hope you continue on enjoying being 

safe. enjoying the easy you crave.

choking on the excuses you gave to me

which never stopped you with all of them,

in a town you grew up in, 

with a love who may help aid in the

bubble you were never fearless enough to


hiding inside the very thing that

wont truly stretch or challenge the very

soul that is fully capable of such activity..

safe is where you will remain, should you

continue on this road you think you may

want for yourself….

im glad she reminds you of home.

i hope the best for you and your 

comfort zone. im sure you all will be

happy together.

for once in your life, 

leave me alone and remain faithful to one

follow the fuck through.



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