you cant run away from your past.

you cant truly live without it either.

we can let our past do 1 of 2 things:

haunt us


be a grounded surface.

one has a firm foundation, an immensly important area that provides steadfast grounding to what it is that we build our present and future on. your foundation is crucial for inward and outward, honest, living.

do what is necessary and healthy to, repair, forgive, apologize, tear-down to rebuild, the past. you cant change it, so dont try to make a new one or “fix it” but fill in the cracks with some solid, sturdy, healed, material, and use it!

dont be afraid to revisit what may hurt to walk in and out of. if actively present in your healing, the pain you may feel now, will be decor for when your house is all said and done!

a strong foundation is worth the investment of your time, your blood, your sweat, and your tears….i can attest to that!



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