In Death, We Reign

kiss me.

place your hand on the front of my neck,

now give it a good squeeze.

kiss me.

ever so softly, trace the quivers

running up my neck from behind.

make-way your fingers through my hair

and firmly grasp the back of my head.

that mouth, drown me..

from your chair,

mount me,

bring yourself closer to me,

wrap your arms around my

head and smother me

with your embrace,

pull my head back,

neck exposed,

now, bite me…

sink your teeth into me.

release your venom,

intoxicate me.

forever i would stay

should you see forever in 

sharing your love with me.



mabye that is why i am here…i heard somewhere that self obsession 

is the main cause for suffering…

mabye im to wallow there…

to suffer a little bit longer…

and rid myself of the nonsense that comes from self obsession…

for it to crack me open

for it to rip me apart

so that for once, in my damn life, i can come to

a consensus with myself and

with who i desire to be….

i hate this place because it sucks

but i guess i dont mind relying on it

to wake me the fuck up…..

i guess it could be my only anecdote…

should i choose not to run this time..


im starving,

i feel like i am dying,

denied of the place that sets my soul a 

blaze, my heart in flames,

without that daily release,

the core of nature, within me,

this life is useless.

what is the purpose

when life that is meant to be raw

is being fried and disguised as

a product of premium nutrition?

as humans we are shitting on her,

we shit on every direction taken.

greed and power fills these streets.

overly erect masculinity invades these 

parts, the feminine is cast to the side, still, 

looked at like a whore on the road side of a 

deserted alley way, weak, and purposeless…

held in captivity,

all these years,

she cries within all of you,

within all of me.

set me free

let me, be

set me free 

let me, be


May I Have This Dance..

from ear to chest,                                                

i want to learn you.

from chest to chest,                                            

i want to grow with you.

from mouth to mouth,                               

hand in hand,                                                      

i want to rule,                                       


with you.

between soul to soul.


Save Your First & Last For Me, My Dear


I found a galaxy hidden behind your eyes. When you look at me i can see stars and i wonder how often the moon asks to borrow your light. I want to memorize every constellation inside you, to feel the universe dance through your bones while the touch vibrates within my senses and pulsates through my veins. they tell me not to make homes of people but i feel like i belong nestled deep in the corners of your soul breathing in your stars. I can’t think of any soul i would want more to be consumed by. god! to breathe you in and you to consume me….that is the magic in the universe. 

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